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Question   Great Website
Linda, your website is coming together beautifully. I love having the opportunity to see more of your work. Best of luck, much success and never let it quit being fun! Thanks for all of your help and encouragement and most of all, for your patience!
(Ask Richard if he'd like to buy a car?)

- Nina Shields September 16, 2005

  Answer Thank you Nina! I'm sure ichard would love to buy a car! LOL!

- Linda D. Lester  September 20, 2005

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Question   Congrats
Hi Linda,

I didn't know you were building a deluxe webpage, good for you. I love it so far. I will come back often.

- Janet E. Backhaus September 14, 2005

  Answer Thanks Janet, It's a lot of work getting this together so it will take a little while but will be so nice!
Your work is looking good.

- Linda D. Lester  September 14, 2005

  Answer Linda, I love your gallery. I had seen it before but it is much improved over the last time. I am proud of you and love you, Mom

-  November 19, 2005

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Question   Hi
Hi Linda,
I came across your new gallery last night and just wanted to wish you good luck with it! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun setting it up. It's nice that you found some "shooting" partners - I think I'm starting to drive my family nuts because I always want to stop and take pix now lol! See you on the site.

- Agnes Fegan September 08, 2005

  Answer Thank you so much! It is going to take some time to get this how I want it. Thanks for stopping by.
Yes it is more interesting when you don't alwsys have to go by your self. I do like to sometimes!
I enjoy seeing your work!
Have a great day!

- Linda D. Lester  September 08, 2005

  Answer Hi Linda...congratulations on your new sure it will bring many people joy with your brilliant images...
robert storm burks

- robert burks  September 08, 2005

  Answer Thank you Robert! I Can't wait to get it together!

- Linda D. Lester  September 08, 2005

  Answer What a beautiful winner . Tell me , how do I see the rest of the photos on it. I need your help figuring it out.

-  September 15, 2005

  Answer Linda, hope you got my e-mail .I found the secret and it is beautiful.

-  September 15, 2005

  Answer Wonderful gallery and website.
I love the Miracle babies photo it is great.
Christopher b Smyth

- Christopher B.  November 17, 2005

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