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Question   comment
Fantastic work Linda!!!! Love your website!

- Laurence Saliba May 01, 2007

  Answer Thank you, Laurence!

- Linda D. Lester  May 01, 2007

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Question   Beautiful Gallery!
Your Home page Ferris Wheel Picture is Incredible....Fabulous Image.....Beautiful Gallery!!

- Ross Throndson December 06, 2006

  Answer Thank you for looking, Ross!

- Linda D. Lester  December 06, 2006

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Question   Praise

I really enjoyed your gallery, especially the waterfalls. You do a wonderful job.

Don Curry

- Donald R. Curry December 02, 2006

  Answer Don,
Thank you for looking at my site. I'm on my way to see yours.

- Linda D. Lester  December 02, 2006

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Question   Fall#2, Mill photo, etc.
Hi Linda,

What a great gallery! Where are the "Falls #2" located? And your farm/horse photos are beautiful. I also like the Ferris Wheel, Air Balloon, and the Mill photo (that reflection in the water is amazing--was it there or did you create that reflection?) --a new hobbyist

- Martha A. Prieto September 17, 2006

  Answer Hello Martha!
My falls shot is in North Georgia!
And the mill shot is a reflection not a created one.
Thank you so much for looking at my site!

- Linda D. Lester  September 17, 2006

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Question   BP Member Gallery
Hi Linda,

I just stopped back in to let you know I really enjoyed seeing the new BP Member Gallery. Its fun and the images are, as always, wonderful!


- Carla Metzler August 16, 2006

  Answer Thank you, Carla!

- Linda D. Lester  August 16, 2006

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Question   pictures
Hi, Linda. I'm Sergey, lifeguard from Myrlte Beach,Hilton!!!So if you'll have time send me please all pictures with me and where is Hilton, I mean people, ocean and so on cos I'm working every day and.. you know then it's a job you don't get any fun and don't have a time to get fun,pictures!thank you!!!

-  August 10, 2006

  Answer Hi Sergey,
You need to send me your email address so I can send you some pictures.
I hope to hear from you soon.

- Linda D. Lester  August 10, 2006

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Question   Love the Home Page
The shot of the lighthouse in Maine looks even better now that I've seen it again. It really invites you in. Love the photo's.

- Paul Sikora July 17, 2006

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Question   So happy for you
Linda, I am so happy for you, your web site is just beautiful and so well organized. You have some great captures in this Gallery. I heard about the new gorilla birth at the zoo. Have you been out there yet?

-  July 09, 2006

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Question   MORGAN PROM
I Want a copy of each one of them
they are great

-  May 03, 2006

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Question   Beautiful Work!
You have done a wonderful job of displaying your talent! From the personal to the impersonal, your website is nothing less than beautiful! You have a lot to be proud of in your efforts and hard work. It is obvious this is well thought out and well organized so we, the viewers, are able to walk through it with ease. Your frog images happen to be my personal favorites, but I enjoyed all of them! Congratulations on a wonderful job, Linda!

- Carla Metzler April 05, 2006

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Question   YOUR NEW SITE!!! :)
Hey Linda! I LOVE YOUR New Site!!!! Wow your pictures are GREAT and this really shows them off well as they should be! And WOW it was so cool to actually SEE YOU and Nina, and Cathy actually on your site. Helps me know who you are.But I must say you did forget one should know as a female... no rear end shots of females!
;) I love your site so glad you are moving up in the world with your own site. :)

- She-She Killough February 28, 2006

  Answer Hey Linda! I love your site and was surprised to see my name on the front page! I just ordered my .com(so exciting!) GREAT WORK!

- Vicki Hunt  April 01, 2007

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Question   Kathy from NH
Hi Linda, yes I am still on. I am a new member and signed up for the free site. I like to get a regular site. I think I am addicted to the BP web site now. I keep entering the daily contests but after seeing what I up against I don't think I have much of a chance, but will never win if I don't try. I sure wouldn't want to be one of the judges, what an awsome task!!! I have some frog shots I'll have to add to my site. I have a fish pond in my backyard that is usually loaded with frogs. I love them.

- Kathy Radford January 17, 2006

  Answer Hi Kathy,
I would be in heaven if I had a frog pond in my back yard. I love to shoot frogs. I go to our Botanical Gardens to get the ones I shoot. I just started shooting maybe 2 years ago and have gone big time because of this site. If your on a free site I need to to comment on one of my shots in BP site so I can find your site.
Thanks again, Linda

- Linda D. Lester  January 17, 2006

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Question   Wonderful Photography
Linda, Hello. I have spent some time looking at your photos and I want to tell you that you are a great photographer. I have posted pictures on BP in the past but have not been on in a while. I think you do wonderful work. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

-  January 12, 2006

  Answer Thank you so much Julie. I will look for your work!

- Linda D. Lester  January 12, 2006

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Question   You are Awesome!
As fate has it, we were brought back in touch through our passion for photography on the BP website! Kind of sad since you live 1 mile away! From our daughters playing softball together to your training my dog fate brings us back in touch! I am so happy to have reunited with you! You are a very talented photographer, and I hope to learn alot from you!

- Anna Moss December 29, 2005

  Answer Thank you so much Anna! I think your right we keep finding ourselves running into each other so lets go for it!

- Linda D. Lester  December 29, 2005

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Question   Love your pictures
When are you going to add your Vermont pictures. Just wondering. You are a great photographer. Love you

-  October 19, 2005

  Answer I will be adding some more pretty soon. I just had so many to get them all done right now. Thanks Becky!

- Linda D. Lester  October 19, 2005

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Question   Congrats on your new website!
Outstanding website, Linda! Well designed with beautiful gallery photos! I'm very impressed with your latest ventures in creative work - way to go! ~ Deb

- Deborah Sandidge September 20, 2005

  Answer Thank you Deborah! I have always admired your work!

- Linda D. Lester  September 20, 2005

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Question   Congratulations
Have just spent an enjoyable (my how the time goes so quickly) hour looking through your gallery. I have enjoyed everything especially the dogs!

- Kate Jackson September 20, 2005

  Answer Thank you Kate!

- Linda D. Lester  October 05, 2005

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Question   Congratulations!!
Hi Linda! Congratulations on this beautiful website!! You've displayed some gorgeous images here!! I have enjoyed my visit here very much!!

- S J September 20, 2005

  Answer Thank you, Sanjay!

- Linda D. Lester  September 20, 2005

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Question   Wonderful Site
Hi Linda-
Awesome job on your site!!

-  September 20, 2005

  Answer Thank you Cathy!

- Linda D. Lester  September 20, 2005

  Answer Linda, I've just enjoyed you gallery again. Love your photography, I unfortunately have a different technique. I just have to keep on trying to improve.

- Paul Sikora  March 10, 2006

  Answer Linda,
This looks like a very nice site! Does it have any relationship to BP?
Anyway I think I actually saw this old barn. Both of your round barn scenes are pretty neat.
I haven't finished looking but it seems you have some great photos!

- James E. Coleman  March 19, 2006

  Answer Linda,
Now I see it, site design by betterphoto. I guess what I am wondering is if this is different than the other deluxe web sites by them or what? If you have time.


- James E. Coleman  March 19, 2006

  Answer Jim this site is through BP. Thanks for looking.

- Linda D. Lester  March 20, 2006

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Question   Linda Lester
Linda Lester is a truly gifted photographer who brings photos to life with her amazing compositions. It's always a pleasure to view her work.

- Daniel Diaz September 20, 2005

  Answer Thank you Daniel!!!! I enjoy seeing your work also!

- Linda D. Lester  September 20, 2005

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